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COVID Protocols and General Infomation
18th Jan 2021

Can I bring my Spouse/Partner/Significant Other/Boyfriend/Better-half with me? Oh, I forgot "Husband"!


How many people are allowed with me?

For now, we are allowing only 1 accompanying adult. In addition, you can bring your kids if they are less than 5 years old.

Covid protocols! Nothing new anymore...

• Please stay in your car when you arrive, we will call you prior to take you in.
• Please cancel your appointment if you're feeling unwell; a 24 hours notice will be appreciated.
• PPE is mandatory, as we know!

Hmmm, what else 🤔???

Do I need appointment?

Yes, appointments are necessary for all of our services, without prior booking your visit to any of our studios will not be honored.

How early you can determine gender?

Our recommendation is for 16 gestational weeks, at that time particularly the genital part of the fetus becomes more developed and apparent.

How accurate is the 16 week gender scan?

We say 99% or 999/1000 were accurate scans by looking up past data.

Is there any preparation required before scan?

Try drinking more and more water, stay extra-hydrated one week before your appointment.

Anything special to do prior to my scan?

We recommend having a cold sugary beverage; a 30 minutes before the actual scan time, that will definitely help move the baby around.

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