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At Little Feet Studios, our experienced sonographers try their best to make you feel comfortable and help you bond with your little one. However, each body is unique and different and so is each pregnancy. The session is highly dependent on the baby’s position and his level of cooperation. Few such examples are;
• baby facing backward,
• breech,
• hands/feet covering the face or
• the position of the placenta.
In case, the baby does not show up in your original session, we may offer you ONE additional session, free of charge (read further in rescheduling).

• If you plan to take an additional scan, you can schedule one within 20 days of your original session and within the 32 gestational weeks. At this time, your package will be considered ‘satisfied’ and ‘no partial refund’ will be given.
• You may request an additional visits up to 32 weeks; however each visit to our studio will incur a $45 non-refundable sitting fee.
• A revisit/return visit does not guarantee satisfactory ultrasound quality.
• All appointments are first come and first serve basis. If a different time was communicated and someone else might've took it, we take no responsibility for that. However, the appointment time will be confirmed once you've booked in our systems.


• We live in a real World and sometimes unexpected situations take place. If you have booked a session and are unable to attend, we recommend to call in advance and re-book. As a courtesy to other clients, who may be looking to schedule an appointment in that time frame, please give us at least 24 hour notice.
• There is no extra fee for not rescheduling. Just let us know in advance.


• If you have already booked a revisit session and you didn't showed up; unfortunately, you have forfeit your right to re-book for a free session.
• If a client need a revisit after missing the original one they have to pay $45

Heartbeat bear policy

• Our supplier guarantee the heartbeat bear plush toy are safe and made with new materials only.
• All bear sales are final, once a toy is out of our studio, we DO NOT accept any returns on any condition, sorry for any inconvenience.
• We showcase good and tested bears at our studios; any manufacturing defect has to be reported in maximum 2 days of bear purchase.

Twin Policy

• If you are having twins, that will be charge at 1.5 times more then of the original package; and if there's are triplets, all packages charge at 2x the rate of original package.


• If, for any reason, you are not happy with your images or session, you may request a ‘partial refund’. This partial refund will be your package purchased minus the $45 non-refundable fee to cover the administrative cost that have incurred.

• For Premium Plus and Dual Plus packages, we reserve the right to deduct the amount of non-refundable administrative cost of $45 plus heartbeat bear of $45.